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Grafton Cycle Club Road Racing

Welcome to Road Racing

Grafton Cycle Club holds races on Saturdays.  Entry fee on the line, on the day. All riders must hold a current race licence. Details are available on our Join page. Newcomers are welcome. You'll need a suitable road bike and approved helmet.  Check out our Join page for details about the 4 week free trial period. Check out the  quarterly race calendar.


Racing format

graded scratch races: All riders in the grade begin together and after a set number of laps the first rider across the line, wins. 

handicap races: Riders are grouped according to their ability and are sent off with the slowest riders first.  The final group called the scratch group are the fastest riders. The first rider across the line, wins.

The club also hold races/training days usually focused on fun and participation at the Criterium Track at Junction Hill.  The format is generally decided on the day. 

Club Championship

The Club Championship involves a graded scratch race, a handicap race and usually a time trial.  Any changes to this format will be communicated on facebook.

Road Race

Getting There

There is usually a bunch ride to the start of the race. The ride leaves at the clocktower in Prince Street. The time is published on facebook.  The map will provide you with directions to the start of the race at Glenugie. 

Grafton to Inverell  Classic

Grafton Cycle Club members have been competing in the G2I since 1966, according to available information. Between 1961 and 1978 the G2I was a handicap race. In 1979 the race changed format to a graded race and for a period the event included a sportiv.   Between 1966 and 2023 a total of 160 Grafton Cycle Club members including 13 women have ridden the G2I, and between them they have ridden the race 371 times. Current member, Gary Reardon has ridden the race 28 times.

Winners and Placegetters

1971  G2I winner

Kevin Brindle

1st 1972

Featured Rider Craig Evers

As a 16 year old, Craig Evers became interested in cycling after watching the Grafton Cycle Club race at Coutts Crossing. Craig acquired his first road bike and raced locally throughout his teenage years, After finishing school, Craig said he had little direction. Craig's real ambition was to compete in the Grafton to Inverell (G2I) Classic and complete the race. He dreamt of winning it.  In 2009, Craig rode his first G2I with a great result but with resolve to commit more time and effort to cycling. 

Craig wanted to win in 2010 and he was focussed. About 40kms into the 228km race Craig hit a bump resulting in the left side of his handlebar snapping off. In preparation  for the race, he had re-wrapped the right side of his bars.  He lost control and hit the ground at 50kph. Fortunately, no one else fell.  Craig suffered road rash, cuts and bruises.  Craig said he was ready to quit.  He threw his bike into the scrub, yelled and screamed then took a moment to himself.  Craig's determination would not let this incident beat him.  He told himself it would shape him as a cyclist.  Two  Country Energy workers who were following the race stopped to assist.  Craig told them he wanted to finish the race.  It seems that hammering a screw driver into the gap and putting a bulders ruler on the top and securing it with duct tape did the trick and Craig was on his way.  He said the adrenaline was driving him and the rode his hardest up Gibralter Range joining and passing groups of riders.  Craig said the pain set in around Glen Innes.  He met up with Grafton cyclist Jye Reardon and they rode across the finish line in Inverell together. 

That of course wasn't the end of Craig's cycling career.  He went on to ride nationally with the Racing Kangaroos, Phoenix Cycling Collective, Data#3, and internationally with Eleven Road Bike Philipines/CCN Rassine. A  copy of Craigs extensive  Palmares is attached. 

Evers Palmares

Grafton Riders 2010 G2I
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