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Old Grafton Bridge

2024 Committee

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The club's AGM is held in Annually. All roles are vacated at the AGM, and if there is  more than one nomination for any role, a vote is held. Nominations need to be lodged seven days prior to the AGM. You can nominate yourself or someone else.


The committee has an Executive Committee and two  sub-committees to help out. It's better to have too many volunteers than not enough! If you're interested, have a look through our role descriptions.


The Clubs Constitution, Role Descriptions,  Chart of Financial Delegations and Incorporated Associations Act are included in the Useful Documents section. 


These documents help guide the committee in their decision making.

Committee Members

Executive Committee

President: Tim Keogh

Vice President: Jye Reardon

Secretary: Nigel Blake

Treasurer: Susan Polsen 

Public Officer: Nigel Blake

Club Captain: Blake Callan

General Committee

Toni McPherson

Mark Hackett

Nick Stevens

Road Race Sub Committee

Convenor: Dion Poy

Handicapper: Jye Reardon, Blake Callan, Wayne Magann

Volunteer Coordinator: Don Bennett

Race Approvals Coordinator: Dimitrios Perdikaris

Mountain Bike Sub Committee

Convenor: Grant Hodgins

Member: Ken Shephard

Member: Brendan Howard

Member: Russel Rankin

Chief Commissaire

Brock Standfield

Other Committee Roles

Assistant Treasurer Laurelea Moss

Social Coordinator: Dion Wilkes

Womens Officer: Toni McPherson

Publicity Officer: Laurelea Moss

Useful Documents


Incorporated Assoc.Act


Role Descriptions

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