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Moutain Biking at Bom Bom
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Mountain Bike racing at Bom Bom
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Bom Bom Mountain biking

Welcome to Mountain Biking

Bom Bom Mountain Biking is part of the Grafton Cycle Club.  If you want to ride mountain bikes around Grafton this is where you'll get your info and hook up with local mountain bikers.   For details on how to join the club see our Join page. Check out Bom Bom facebook page as well. 

Rides and Races

Regular club races, locally known as the 'chook' race, are generally held on Thursday evening.  This can change, subject to weather and track conditions.  Check Bom Bom facebook page for updates.  If you've thought about giving mountain biking a try, why not attend one of Bom Bom's Come "N" Try days? All you need is a functioning bike, an approved helmet, closed toe shoes and a keenness to ride. When Come'N'Try days are being offered you'll find all the information you need on the Bom Bom facebook page.

Getting There

Bom Bom trails are easy to find, turn off Big River Way onto Old Lillypool Road, follow Old Lilypool Road for 2.2kms, then turn left on to Boundary Road, the carpark is approximately 50 mtrs from the entrance. If you want to get to the top car park, just follow Boundary Road another 200 meters to the top of the hill where McPhillips Road and No. 10 Fire Road meet Boundary Road.

Mountain Biking at Bom Bom
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