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Historic cycling in Grafton
Historic racing at Grafton
Historic Cycling in Grafton

Grafton Cycle Club History


Grafton Cycle Club was established in July 1892.  Its founding President was G H Varley who was supported by Vice Presidents

F T McGuren and J T McKittrick. 

The safety bike was introduced into Australia in the 1880's which created somewhat of a cycling boom.  Cyclists no longer had to ride the penny farthing bicycle but the  more modern bicycle with a triangle shaped frame.  A much more comfortable ride.

The popularity of the bicycle continued to grow and Grafton become known as a bike town.  Grafton welcomed its first bike shops in the early 1920's.

Track racing commenced in the 1920's at Fischer Park and later moved to McKittrick Park. 

Some notable Wheelmen of the Clarence 

Athol Green - 1960 to 1972. Winner of the Goulburn to Sydney race in  1964.

Kevin Brindle - 1952 to 2011. Winner of the 1972 Grafton to Inverell Classic.

Popeye Casey - 1953 to 1968. Winner of the NSW Mile Race

Roger Green - 1950 to 1974. Winner of the NSW Country Championship

Noel Ellam - 1949 to 1960

Kevin Betteridge 1950 to 1965

Fred Forbes - 1960's

Henry 'Corky' Caldwell - 1927 to 1949

There were many more Wheelmen of the Clarence. Castnet Productions have produced a video titled, Wheelmen of the Clarence - Grafton Cycle Club History. The video is available for you to watch below.

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