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About Grafton Cycle Club

Grafton Cycle Club (GCC) has been supporting cycling in the Grafton area since 1892.  The club's primary focus is road and mountain bike racing. The club also encourages and supports cycling at all levels and promotes safe riding practices. Check out the cycling reference guide.


GCC has a  monthly social road ride to promote interaction and socialisation between members and to enjoy a coffee after the ride.  


GCC also encourages riders to take part in local rides  - check out the rides table on the Rides page, you might like to join in.  These are not club rides but many club members participate.

Participating in these rides assist riders to stay motivated and helps to improve their bike skills. Visitors to the area are also welcomed by these groups.


Bom Bom offers regular social rides. Details are available on the Bom Bom Facebook page.

GCC also supports other cycling events such as the Grafton to Inverell (G2I) road race  and the GBomb mountain bike race. 

Details of road and mountain bike racing are available on our road racing page and mountain biking page.

Racing at Bom Bom
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